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 Bed bugs £95 for initial infested bedroom.£55 per subsequent infested room, per visit. Bed bugs are probably the hardest pest to exterminate completely once established in your home, as they are able to hide in any tiny crack or crevice, either in the mattress itself, headboards, skirting boards, behind pictures, in bedroom furniture, under carpets etc.  Bedbugs normally feed every 5-10 days ingesting up to seven times their own body weight in blood in a ten minute meal, however they can survive at least a year without feeding from a host.  At least two visits are required.  Before treatment, extensive work must be carried out by the occupier of the property.  This includes washing all bedding and as many soft furnishings, clothes etc. as possible at a temprature of at least 60C, preferably followed by tumble drying at least 40C.  Alternatively, unwashable items can be bagged securely and put in a freezer for four days.  We will treat with insecticidal dust all electrical equipment, behind light switches and plug sockets, light fittings etc. and use a residual insecticide spray for all cracks and crevices.  A follow up treatment is necessary three weeks after the first visit. Contact Us for a Free, No Obligation Quotation today. To email us click here or call us on Telephone: (01279) 876277 or Mobile: 07785 765069 or Freephone: 0800 122 3143 Click here for a map of the areas we cover
         Rats/Mice/Squirrels £55
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