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Rats multiply at an alarming rate, having six litters of eight young per year, so need to be controlled quickly in order to prevent an infestation.  If you see or hear a rat in or around your premises, it is likely to be the common or brown rat.  .The black rat, whose fleas originally spread the bubonic plague,is almost extinct in this country.  The common rat is abundant and widespread, found in both urban and rural locations - anywhere that offers food, shelter and water.  They are excellent burrowers and will dig burrows to form nests in compost heaps, underneath hedges, sheds and decking.  In houses they make their nests in lofts, cavity walls and under floor boards.  Rats are omnivorous, eating absolutely anything, including all vegetable and meat products.  In between eating, they constantly gnaw in order to wear down their teeth which are continually growing.  It is estimated rodents could be the cause of 15% of all house fires because of their love of gnawing electric cables.  Rats are a health hazard as they carry a wide range of parasites and diseases (which can be passed onto people and pets through food and food preparation areas they contaminate) such as salmonellosis, campylobacter and Weils Disease (leptospirosis) which can be fatal.  We control rats using the dual method of trapping and anticoagulant poison.  All traps and poisons are positioned in lockable bait stations or out of reach places therefore preventing harm to non-target species such as children, pets and wildlife etc.  A return visit is made 7-10 days later to remove the dead rodents and pest proof the property using galvanised steel mesh (non-rusting) to prevent a recurrence of the problem.  All materials used in the second visit are included in the price of the previous visit. To email us click here or call us on Telephone: (01279) 876277 or Mobile: 07785 765069 or Freephone: 0800 122 3143
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